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CP triggers are perfect for:

  • drummers who can't afford both acoustic and electronic drum kits
  • anyone who doesn't have the space for 2 sets of drums
  • passionate drummers who don't want to compromise their ears playing their favorite acoustic drum set
  • anyone who wants the advantage of easily switching back and forth between the 2 types of drum sets at a reasonable and affordable cost
  • drummers who live in an apartment building or rent and need to practice quietly in preparation for that important night gig
  • Electronic controllers offer unlimited selection of drum and percussion sounds

Convertible Percussions features a full line of drum trigger replacements and a variety of electronic drum conversion kits.


“The TB-8 is versatile and easy to fit...”

“ arm attaches to a lug screw the other side houses a movable riser which can be adjusted for shells from 9”to 18...”

“Triggering ...was EXCELLENT in various triggering settings.”

At Convertible Percussions (CP), we have created a drum trigger conversion system that remains universal, durable, dependable and adaptable.

Outstanding standard features:

•  One size fits ALL drums from 9-18" including bass drums

•  Rear entry 1/4" jack (no connectors or soldering required)

•  Works with ALL drum brain controllers

•  Extremely durable hi-tech construction

•  Easy to install (ONE screw)

•  3-way fully adjustable

​Why not have your
acoustic kit and electronic kit

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