One trigger not working ?

  • swap cable with a working drum cable

  • re-insert cable

  • is cone pressure against the mesh head too high?

  • too much cone pressure will desensitize response.

  • Too little  cone pressure will cause double triggering.

  • Is the cone touching the head?

  • pad sensitivity setting

  • trigger input type?

  • gain too low?

  • remove the tb8 with cable attached, and tap cone with finger.  Still not working? Contact us for an immediate replacement.

All triggers not working ?

  • power on/off controller (reset)

  • check main audio output cable to amplifier

  • check main volume setting

  • verify audio path to speaker by verifying “clicker” works.

  • is the controller sensing a trigger event (led visual)  when the tb8 is hit?

  • pad type selection (use generic)

double triggering?

  • increase mesh head tension, a loose head will flop and vibrate causing double triggering.
  • cone not touching mesh head?  Slight pressure is needed. The cone top must have a gentle pressure against the mesh head.  If the cone is not touching the mesh head, the mesh head will resonate and the cone will double trigger.

  • Mask time (0-64ms double triggering prevention)

  • using acoustic heads in place of mesh heads?.  Acoustic heads must resonate (vibrate) to produce sound, this always causes double trigering when using electronic triggers.  Many users have kept acoustic heads on one side and mesh heads on other side for the Flip-n-play” advantage.

 Snare  (Dual) zone troubleshooting

  • Pad type selection  (use generic)

  • Trigger input type (select rubber or mesh pad)

  • Rim not working, try different TRS (2 channel ) cable

  • Rim not working, tap tb8 bracket near sensor, does controller pick it up?

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Folks,  we have compiled a list of fixes both from you and our teams to help with your installation. 

Troubleshooting Tips

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