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5.  Install your preferred mesh head and tighten. 

Refer to "troubleshooting" if needed.

General Note:

Lug hardware dimensioning and shell sizes vary from kit to kit. The TB-8 was designed to accommodate most, if not all configurations and sizes.  The TB-8 can be mounted in either direction using any of the 4 hole positions on the TB-8 bracket.   Use Up Mount when hardware lugs are between 3-6” from bearing edge. Use Down Mount when hardware lugs are between 1 - 3.7” from bearing edge.

Copyright © Convertible Percussions. All rights reserved. 2015

 2 easy ways of Switching between Electronic and Acoustic kit
1. (Flip-N-Play)   Install mesh on one side and acoustic head on other side,  
​     just flip n play.
2. (Lower cone trigger)     Remove mesh head, lower trigger  1" below bearing rim to prevent acoustic head from triggering then tighten 2 trigger support  nuts and reinstall your original acoustic drum head.

Special Note:
Adjust re-trigger sensitivity or threshold on your control module to get your desired e-drum performance.

4.  Remove drum shell vent grommet.   IMPORTANT : vent grommets are either pressed in or threaded.  Once grommet is removed from drum shell, insert proprietary rear entry 1/4" jack.  Once jack is installed, tighten each nut firmly.

Snare, Tom-Tom, and Floor Tom-Tom ​Mounting Instructions

1.  Remove acoustic drum head (some have installed mesh on one side and acoustic head on other for flip-n-play advantage).

2.  Determine the tb8 location. The trigger can be used facing up or down. Remove the drum lug screw, set Tb8 in place, square up and tighten lug screw.  Only one screw is needed as the natural drum shell curvature acts as a lock washer.  Snug down tight.

3.  Slide trigger assembly to desired location in the drum.  Many folks prefer the center to closely mimic  acoustic drumming.  Carefully set trigger height to  1/32- 1/16” above the bearing edge.  In other words,  just slightly higher than the drum head for gentle  contact  with mesh head.  Too much pressure desensitizes response.  Too little pressure causes double triggering.    Tighten both nuts using wrenches.  

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