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My Story

             Convertible Percussions (CP) is the brain child of an engineer who also happens to be a drummer. He felt there had to be a less expensive way to enjoy both acoustic and electric drums. ​Always striving for a better solution, CP's creator designed and built his own drum set.   
This one-of-a kind iridescent drum kit was created by CP's inventor. It started out being a standard green maple "Mars Pro Mapex Series"  kit.  He changed all the hardware from chrome to flat black and eliminated all stands by adding a flat black rack system.  It took him almost 4 months to complete.  Most of the wood drum shells he machined down in size to give him exactly the pitch and tone curve he desired when playing in "Acoustic mode".   

The fine reflective covering was purchased from the "Precision Drum Company" located in Pleasant Valley, N.Y.  established in 1961.  The covering  reflects all the colors from within the room.

My first natural birch Ludwig kit (truly a dated Photo, LOL)

               My story begins in 2nd grade.   Picture this, I am getting off the elementary school bus and now walking towards my home.  With each step, the new unfamiliar and welcome sound of drums gets louder and louder. Now I’m thinking, wow, a new stereo system!.   I arrive at my house and open the door and to my surprise, I see my dad playing a brand new, natural birch color Ludwig drum kit in our living room complete with Zildjian cymbals.  I now discover and establish that my dad was a drummer. In fact, his idol was Buddy Rich from back in the day. My dad told me he occasionally skipped school in NYC to see Buddy play from time to time.   That story is the background for my love and passion for the percussion instrument. I’ve always enjoyed playing in school, high school bands and then on to gigs after high school. Further on as the years progressed, I experimented with the use of electronic drum kits and found that the potential for playing solo and  “out of the box” experimentation was endless.  

            In summary, from year to year, I would alternately purchase electronic kits and then on to acoustic kits, back and forth.  I was in need of a solution to this craziness. You see, I had an absolute passion for the beautiful smooth wood finish and stunning bright  hardware that acoustic kits exhibit, especially since my other passion is working with wood and making fine furniture. To me, electronic kit appearance leaves much to be desired compared to a fine acoustic kit.

           So now my journey begins.   I searched and tried every drum  trigger on the market only to find that I needed to design and build one that suits all my needs and is sturdy,  reliable and one size fits all.  

           And so I did.  Following some intense lenghty research and design journey, a good friend stopped by to witness my creation.  He too was a drummer. After he played for a while, he stood up, paused and looked down as if something was wrong, he then looked up and over at me and said, “ remove them all from your kit and sell them”.  And so I did. Convertible Percussion was born. We now sell domestically (CA, NY sales are intense) and internationally with much success to England, Australia and Canada.