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CP's DIY Cones

(CP) Convertible Percussions is proud to offer a replacement foam cone for you DIYers.   Our replacement cones are also available in a value 5 pak (15% savings).  Simply search our name while in ebay for a complete list of variations.      

 These durable cones are the same cones used in our very popular tb8 edrum conversion  trigger system as featured in Digital Drummer Magazine.  They are compatible with most, if not all electronic drums.

 CP’s diy cones are designed to fit a broad range of edrums.  Our cones can easily be trimmed for the perfect fit. Cone trigger height is 35 mm and adhesive disc measures 1.7mm thick

See our other listings for custom height Roland replacement cones, just search our company name while in ebay.

 CP’s triggers are made from the highest mechanically stable, hi-performance foam.   This specific type of foam retains its shape and transfers energy very well.   

 A (Peel-N-Stick) hi-bond strength adhesive disc is mounted on the base of the cone for mounting to virtually any surface, any position.    

Proudly made in the U.S.A.  with a 100% guarantee satisfaction