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CP triggers are perfect for:

  • drummers who can't afford both types of drum sets
  • anyone who doesn't have the space for 2 sets of drums
  • passionate drummers who don't want to go deaf playing their favorite acoustic drum set
  • anyone who wants the advantage of easily switching back and forth between the 2 types of drum sets at a reasonable and affordable cost
  • drummers who live in an apartment building or rent and need to practice quietly in preparation for that important night gig
  • band drummers - in live concerts, drums generally get mic'd using the usual microphone at each individual drum. The disadvantage is picking up unwanted surrounding noise from the microphone. Our triggers solve that problem at a fraction of the cost
Copyright © Convertible Percussions. All rights reserved. 2015

Convertible Percussions (CP) was established in 2011 in upstate New York. At CP we design and manufacture only the highest quality drum trigger replacements which are used by the most discriminating musicians. All of our products undergo the most stringent of tests to assure complete customer satisfaction. Our mission is to supply the industry with innovative, high-quality and high-value percussion products. Our product videos can also be viewed on YouTube and be purchased through ebay.

We are located at :

Convertible Percussions

14 Nob Hill

Poughkeepsie,  NY  12603

txt;     845.380.1510



At CP your questions, concerns, thoughts, suggestions and opinions are important to us,  kindly fill out the form below and submit.

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