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Value Pak

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 1 snare Dual Zone Trigger and  4 Single Zone triggers ​

Brushed Aluminum  dual Zone Trigger

5 pak Brushed Aluminum

Generally used on snare with (TRS dual channel cable).  Rim piezo mounted in corner of tb8 bracket to pick up  rim shots.

Brushed Aluminum  TB8  single zone and dual zone

By far the best trigger I've tried, works well with my Alesis & Roland modules       Jesse D.  (CA).

 I'm converting drums for the churches, they are really enjoying your products.  So much better in quality than the factory triggers from Roland.   Steven R.   (WI)ere.

Used on all tom-toms and bass drum

Our trigger system comes complete with "rear entry 1/4" jack.  No soldering or crimps here.  All mounting hardware provided.  Use existing lug screw to attach.    Set top of cone  1/16" above bearing edge and tighten. Use "UP or "down" mount position for max flexibility.

Brushed Aluminum Single Zone Trigger