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General Note:

Lug hardware dimensioning and shell sizes vary from kit to kit. The TB-8 was designed to accommodate most, if not all configurations and sizes. ​The TB-8 can be mounted up or down.  Use any of the 4 mounting hole positions on the TB-8 bracket.  Use Up Mount when hardware lugs are between 3-6” from bearing edge. Use Down Mount when hardware lugs are between 1-3.7” from bearing edge.

Special Note:
Adjust retrigger sensitivity/threshold on your control module to get your desired e-drum performance.

2 easy ways of switching between Electronic and Acoustic kit
1.  Once mesh head is installed on one side and acoustic head is installed on other side,  
     just flip drum over.
2.  Remove mesh head, lower trigger ½” below bearing rim, tighten 2 trigger support nuts
     and reinstall your original acoustic drum head.

NOTE: Some drummers have chosen to keep a gap between the trigger cone top and the drum beater head to eliminate unwanted triggering when resting their foot on the pedal.

Bass Drum Instructions

Installation Instructions

1.  Remove the bass drum kick pedal(s).

2.  Remove the acoustic beater head.

​​​3.  Mount the trigger in either the up or down position using 1 lug screw.
     Bass drum trigger is best when placed 5" away (as shown in picture) from the beater impact position. This is due to heavy beater impact demand. Only one trigger is needed for double bass.

4.  The cone should rest approx 1/32-1/16" above the bearing drum shell edge.  Only a slight pressure up against the bottom of the mesh head is needed.  Use 2 wrenches to tighten both nuts

5.   Install your favorite mesh head of choice.  Tighten to prevent double triggering.  If the bass mesh head is too loose and allowed to flop, this generally causes double triggering.

​6.  Remove drum shell vent grommet and install your proprietary  ¼” rear entry jack. Tighten each nut firmly.

See "Troubleshooting tips" if needed.

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